October 22nd, 2013 News

October 22nd, 2013

CAFO Status Update

IDEM will be making their decision any day now. IDEM stated that they have received a response to their notice of deficiency and they will be making a decision in the near future. We have absolutely no reason to believe that they will not approve K&D Contract Pork's application!

Once IDEM approves the application, it becomes a local issue. SLEC will need your help. Please be sure to read any emails from SLEC or visit the SLEC website regularly. We will let you know what you need to do and when. One of the first tasks will be a letter writing campaign to our local officials.

Please start drafting your letters. Remember that you can address everything that IDEM does and doesn't regulate, such as well water, lake water, odors, traffic, road conditions, locations of the operation and spreadfields, disposal of dead animals, and loss of property values. When the appropriate time arrives, we will provide you with the names and addresses of the officials who should receive these letters.

-Steuben Lakes Environmental Consortium

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-Appalling Lack of Progress in Factory Farm Policies Despite Increased Public Awareness by Kaye Spector, EcoWatch

-Steuben Lakes Environmental Consortium (SLEC) Website

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