January 23rd, 2014 News

January 23rd, 2014

Legislation Alert

While we continue to wait for IDEM's decision we would like to draw your attention to some recent legislation that is making it's way through the legislative process. Senate Bill 186 unanimously passed it's first Senate committee hearing. Coined "right to farm", this bill actually serves to give more power and protection to the factory farming operations. It contains language that merely extends the “rights” of agri-business to use “accepted” practices without oversight. It will not be the conventional family farmer experimenting but rather it will be the factory farmer that will utilize such broadened language.

SLEC does support farming. In fact, several board members grew up on family farms. At issue is the CAFOs or factory farms that raise thousands of animals in a small confined space and generate hundreds of thousands of gallons of waste each year. This untreated waste is spread on nearby fields where it can runoff and pollute lakes and contaminate drinking water.

SLEC opposes any efforts by our politicians to further promote and protect these factory farms. It is SLEC's opinion that the current state regulations and oversight do not go far enough to protect our precious natural resources.

Please let our elected officials know that while we support farming we do not support factory farms and we do not support this bill. Let them know that you believe that factory farming operations require more regulation and oversight not less.

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