March 17th, 2014 News

March 17th, 2014

How can we be certain that an operation like the proposed CAFO will not pollute our waters?

One does not have to look far for examples of manure spills. The collection of headlines below are all from Indiana and all occurred since the year 2000.

Not all spills make the headlines though. IDEM’s Notice of Violation records indicate that these spills are even more prevalent. We searched through the list looking for manure discharges into waters of the state by CFOs and CAFOs. Below are the Notice of Violations issued by IDEM since the year 2000.

Company/PersonCountyDateCase No.Waterway
Buechler FarmsDubois02/25/20002000-9287-SNot mentioned
Veale Creek TurkeysDaviess03/05/20012004-14198-SUnnamed drainage way
Pohlmann Hog Farms Montgomery07/02/20012001-10572-SNot mentioned
Ottinger Livestock FarmsHamilton09/28/20012001-10887-SNot mentioned
Randy SparksGreene12/14/20012002-11260-STributary of Beech Creek
Muncie SowDelaware03/19/20022002-11420-STwo unnamed ditchs which drain to the Mississinewa River
Vreba-Hoff Dairy / De Groot DairyHuntington07/23/20022002-11775-S & 2002-11860-SUnnamed ditch
Heartland PorkGreene03/21/20032003-13088-SBranch of Black Ankle Creek
Dale FarmsWabash05/05/20032003-12901-SUnnamed ditch which drains to Bear Grass Creek
Heartland PorkGreene06/19/20032003-13411-SBranch of Plummer Creek
Arthur Gilt FarmsHancock10/06/20032004-13819-SAshcraft Ditch & Thompson Ditch
TransfarmWhite11/18/20032004-13974-SUnnamed Ditch
Mattingly Pork FarmDaviess11/19/20032004-14162-STributary of Boggs Lake
Heartland PorkClay12/23/20032004-14132-SOld A & E Canal
MAPNAP FarmsRipley03/29/20042004-14236-SBob's Creek
William SpreenLawrence04/14/20042004-14225-SCrooked Creek
Heartland PorkClay04/16/20042004-14133-SHowesville Ditch
Muncie SowDelawawre06/30/20042004-14150-SUnnamed lake and creek
Armes Grain and LivestockDaviess03/02/20052005-14903-SAikman Creek & an un-named tributary of the East Fork of the White River
Phil HuntWhite04/01/20052005-14873-SCoonrod Ditch
Willemsen DairyMadison04/13/20052005-14834-STributary of Pipe Creek
Jackson Dairy FarmGrant08/10/20052005-15299-SNot mentioned
Grow Farms & FeedlotsJasper09/01/20052006-15937-SProuty Ditch
Poland FarmWarren06/19/20062006-16037-SKiger Ditch
Trotter FarmsBartholomew03/01/20072007-16822-WChicken Creek
Buse FarmsWarrick03/06/20072007-16836-WBranch of the North Fork of Little Pigeon Creek
New Schoonebeek DairyWabash03/06/20072007-16884-WJohn Richards Ditch
Union Go DairyRandolph04/03/20072007-16850-WNot mentioned
Corya FarmsDecatur07/09/20072007-17194-WUnnamed ditch which drains to the Nutty Fork
Sunrise PorkWhitley03/11/20082008-17829-WNot mentioned
Lottes FarmsDubois03/19/20082008-17842-WNot mentioned
Greving DairyHuntington04/04/20082008-17879-WUnnamed ditch which drains to an unnamed tributary of the Salamonie River
Urschel FarmsWabash05/01/20082008-17837-WNot mentioned
Union Go DairyRandolph07/18/20082008-18007-WEight Mile Creek
State Line AgriRandolph08/01/20082008-18021-WNot mentioned
Muhlenkamp FarmsJay08/18/20082008-18129-WTributary of the Wabash River
Zeck FarmsCass09/22/20082009-18304-SHyman Ditch
Liberty SwineWabash10/18/20082008-18183-WTributary of Treaty Creek
Mark Lee Deardorff FarmsMiami10/22/20082009-18303-SRhodes Ditch
Hulsbosch Dairy FarmDecatur11/26/20082009-18326-SUnnamed ditch
Sand Ridge FarmWhite02/09/20092009-18404-STributary of Honey Creek
New Fashion PorkGreene03/08/20092009-18506-SBogard Creek
Rock Creek DairyWells05/10/20092009-18654-SMulligan Ditch & Rock Creek
Hidden Valley DairyJasper05/28/20092009-18730-SCallahan Ditch & Oliver Ditch
Hulsbosch Dairy FarmDecatur10/12/20092009-18833-STributary of Bear Creek
Irish Acres DairyDeKalb01/20/20102010-19164-SHaverstock Drain
Flat Land DairyHuntington02/01/20102010-19127-SWellington Schemehorn Ditch
Aaron Chalfant FarmsRandolph06/21/20102010-19519-SBear Creek and Mississinewa River
Long & Hufford Farms?Carroll07/26/20102010-19555-SBachelor Run Creek
Bowman Dairy FarmHenry03/30/20112011-20260-S & 2011-20331-SWhite Branch via an intermittent ditch
Jackson Dairy FarmGrant07/13/20112011-20389-SLittle Newby Ditch
Hawk Creek FarmDaviess08/01/20112011-20458-SHaw Creek
Liberty SwineWabash03/08/20122012-20825-STributary of Treaty Creek
Vern GrabbeClinton08/06/20122012-21099-SKilmore Creek
Top GradeCarroll08/02/20132013-21930-C, 2013-21961-C, 201321962-C, 2013-22008-CManson/Kingrey Ditch

We found 60 cases of discharge violations! Worse yet, nearly half of those violations also indicated that the producer failed to notify IDEM of the discharge.

In our public meeting with IDEM they indicated they had 6 or 7 inspectors for the existing 1,881 CAFOs in the state of Indiana. If many producers fail to report discharges and IDEM has one inspector for every 269 to 314 CAFOs, how many go unnoticed?

If we have learned anything by this research it is that manure spill incidents happen quit frequently and producers cannot seem to keep it out of our water ways. Because of the proximity of this operation to area lakes there is absolutely no room for error or accident. The only way to make certain that a similar incident does not happen here is to prevent CAFOs from operating anywhere near our lakes!

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