January 13th, 2015 News

January 13th, 2015

Legislation Update

The committee hearing for SB 249 was held on Monday morning. After presentations from both sides Senator Leising, who authored SB 249, decided to hold the bill. While this is not the victory we were hoping for it does give us a little more time to prepare. However, it could be back in the committee as early as next week. We are concerned that if this bill passes the Senate and even if it fails in the House it could still come back in Conference Committee at the end of the session in some other form.

What can you do?

Make sure that you sign the petition and send it to your neighbors and friends to sign.

*** Click here to go sign the internet petition opposing Indiana Senate Bill SB 249 ***

Email the entire senate committee. Please ask your neighbors and friends to email all the committee members as well. You may also call them. Dial 800-382-9467 and ask to speak with each one of the committee members.

Senator Leising email... s42@iga.in.gov

Senator Glick email... s13@iga.in.gov

Senator Crider email... s28@iga.in.gov

Senator Messmer email... s48@iga.in.gov

Senator Perfect email... s43@iga.in.gov

Senator Steele email... s44@iga.in.gov

Senator Tomes email... s49@iga.in.gov

Senator Mrvan email... s1@iga.in.gov

Senator Randolph email... s2@iga.in.gov

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