May 7th, 2015 News

May 7th, 2015

A Message from SLEC following the Plan Commission Meeting on the Werner CAFO Request

At the Steuben County Plan Commission May 6th, 2015 meeting, due to the procedural rules that apply, the Plan Commission members only heard one-side of the story - - the CAFO side. The Steuben Lakes Environmental Consortium, LLC was well represented in attendance with excellent community support and did attempt to provide its own comments on the Comprehensive Plan and explain why the CAFO was inconsistent with the vision of the Comprehensive Plan, but Mr. Werner objected to the SLEC’s comments being provided to the Plan Commission members.

SLEC greatly appreciated the Plan Commission’s very insightful questions and thorough discussion of the Comprehensive Plan issue. Even with Mr. Werner providing only his unchallenged views and arguments, he was only able to muster a slim 5-4 recommendation on the sole issue before the Plan Commission of whether this was within the Steuben County Comprehensive Plan as currently written. And that was the sole result – a recommendation only. The Plan Commission did not endorse the CAFO.

SLEC looks forward to providing the other side of the story at the upcoming Board of Zoning Appeals’ public hearing on May 26, 2015 in the Auditorium of the County Building at 6pm. This local government body will be in the position to consider any and all of the impacts (negative and positive) and base their decision on all of the issues. SLEC encourages every concerned citizen to attend that important meeting. It is at this meeting that you will have the opportunity to be heard!

Additionally, SLEC encourages you to send a letter to the Board of Zoning Appeals, c/o Frank Charlton, Plan Director, 317 S. Wayne St., Ste. 3H, Angola, IN 46703.

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